For my Sioux City History project I made a...
11/14/2011 03:36:33 am

War Eagle's grave. War Eagle died of pnomonia. He had three daughters the second one died of pnomonia too. Nobody knows what happened to the first one. The third died of small pox.

11/14/2011 03:46:25 am

Central High School. I choose it because I was interested in the first schools. My mom helped make it,we got information in the computer and we bought some type of paper to glue the photos. It was the only high school in the past.

11/15/2011 03:30:55 am

my project is glued by a glue gun
i went to where the monumemt it took me 4 or 5 weeks
my mom helped me alot
y got an A-
i had lots of fun

11/15/2011 03:32:42 am

For my Sioux city project i did War Eagles grave. I chose War Eagles grave because it was one of my favorite places. I made it out of a cookie boxe. My mom help me do it she did most of it because i cept tring to do War Eagles stuate. It was awsome to go to War Eagles grave

11/15/2011 03:36:53 am

the Floyd monument. It took me about 3 or 4 weeks to make it. It has a hill, a raod, to cars, a river, trees, and a flag. I chose the Floyd monument because I thaught its cool and it might have been easyer then War eagle's grave.My mom was the only one that helped me.

11/15/2011 03:37:52 am

For my Sioux City project I did the Council Oak Tree. It took me one hour to make it. My dad helped me with it. It was big too. I had a long report that went with it. I got an A+ on it as well. And it was easy. I didn't really spend any money for it but I did spend money on the little birds and butterflys. It was fun making my project. And I didn't say one word wrong during my report. Doing my project and report was fun!

11/16/2011 03:30:50 am

The Floyd Monument. I mayed the Floyd Monument out of styrofoam and i made the out of platform styrofoam.I made he fence out of wood. Its 100 ft. tall! Theirs a black tip way on the top. Mying was about 7 ft. My mini monument was painted tanish. I painted the fence black it was hard to glue it and Seargeant Floyd Charles died in 1804. We went to a trip to go see the Floyd monument and other stuff.

11/16/2011 03:31:23 am

I did the floyd monument and bruguiers cabin. i only wrote one essay and it was for bruguiers cabin.I made mine out of sticks for logs, felt for the grass,shoebox for a base, cotton for smoke out of chimney,rocks for the chimney, and gray putty for the chimney. I made the floyd monument out of duct celant (gray),duct styrofoam,the base was styrofoam too,a toothpick for carving in bricks,felt for grass and cement, and then painted it white.When you see me on skype ill be the only one holding two

11/16/2011 03:46:37 am

On my project i did the Terra Centre.I Picked that because it looked awsome to pick.Do you know where it is. It is downtown where alot of restraurants are.There are 10 flores there.

11/17/2011 03:54:46 am

I made the floyd moumument. My dad helped me. I used card bord for the tip. My grandma gave me a fence. It took me about a week. When I went to spend the night with my grandma she gave a marker to write with.

11/17/2011 03:57:07 am

For my Sioux City project i made a Floyd Monument.I thought I should make the Floyd Monument because it looked very awesome!It's 100 ft. tall and no matter how much you count around the Floyd Monument it will still be 6 blocks around.It's great to honor the only person who died in "The Great Expedition".His whole name is Sgt. Charles Floyd.

11/18/2011 03:29:07 am

I made a Sioux City History Project about The Council Oak Tree.I use a tree branch for my project.I use a cardboard the base.I use my own words to do my report.

11/18/2011 03:37:45 am

I made a Sioux City History project about the Floyd Monument. I made the Floyd Monument out of cardboard and tape. I put some grass on my project. I covered it with tape to look more like the Floyd Monument. I also used lollipop sticks to make the fence.

11/18/2011 03:53:03 am

i made the floyd monument. it is fun to make. it took me along time to make the floyd monument. the floyd monument is 100 feet tall.

11/18/2011 04:00:42 am

I made the War Eagles mounument.I used styrofoam and rocks i used rocks because the real mounument has big rocks.The people that helped me is my MOM,GRANDMA,and my UNCLE.and i made the man out of cardbord.

Hunter Shuck
11/22/2011 05:17:08 am

I made Bruguier's cabin. Bruguier's cabin is a club of the Girls of 68. I got glue, popsickle sticks, and wood to make Bruguier's cabin. My mom bought the glue, popsickle sticks, and extra popsickle sticks,too. And my dad used a chainsaw to cut our fire wood, and mom and I built the log cabin. But I glued the log cabin down on the log. After that we let the glue on my project dry. my mom and I printed out my report.

11/22/2011 05:17:24 am

I made the Floyd Mounument.I made it out of wooden blocks.The person who helped me was my mom.She put paper around it.The base was made out of the wooden blocks,too.The point was just made out of paper.We glued the wooden blocks on top of each other.We glued the mounument to the base.The wooden blocks in the mounument was glued too.

11/23/2011 03:37:51 am

I made the Floyd Monument beacause i liked that onethe best. I also made it beacause it look cool and easy.but it wasen't easy it was kinda hard. but i had my mom and dads help so it made it easier to

I made it out of stiyerform.Me and my dad made the base and tip. Me and mom made the report. After we got the base, body, and tip done we put some paste on. after that we let the paste dry. finally we painted and made the fence.

11/23/2011 04:04:09 am

Bruguier's Cabin it was made out of popsicile sticks and hot glue.It was fun i got to read m report too.I wish i could do this every single year.I hope each year we get to make projects like Bruguier's Cabin.

11/23/2011 04:24:23 am

I made the Floyd`s Monument.My uncle Henry and i made the Monument, my uncle made it out of cardboard i tape the Monument, it`s look like bricks.My uncle also made the people standing by the Floyd`s Monument. We painted the grass, he made the platform for it and little details.The grass were painted on paper.

11/23/2011 04:25:47 am

I made my Bruguier's Cabin. My mom help me make my Bruguier's Cabin. I made with my logs. People find some logs in the forest. Bruguier's Cabin is close to the Council Oak Tree.

12/2/2011 04:33:57 am

I did War Eagle beacuse I thought it was cool to learn about it. I bought the top of it and made the rest of it. It turned out really cool! I had some help from my mom Missy, my dad Joe,and my grandma Barb.I had lots of fun doing it and showing it to every one.


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