1/10/2012 03:48:27 am

Our shcool is made out of brikes. The color of the brikes are red. There is a front door and back door. There are 14 classes in the shcool. The name of our shcool is Crescent Park. It is 4 stories tall. There is a play ground with 3 tether ball stations, 3 castels and alot of monky bars. We have speashel edd.These are some of our subjects we have p.e., music and art. I love this shcool.

1/10/2012 03:48:37 am

Our school is 4 stories tall.14 classes there is also ESL.Also 10 subjects.There is also the play ground the room also the art room

1/11/2012 04:00:08 am

Here are some things describing our school. Our school is 4 stories tall and our school name is Crescent Park Elementry. Our school mascot is a panda and our colors are red and white.The school is made out of bricks and the color of the bricks are red.There is a playground with monkey bars and 3 tether ball station theirs even a kick ball field. The grades are k-5. Our p.e. is in the jim and also we eat in the jim.Our office is on the 3rd floor and our princiapals name is Mrs.Gilbert and the assitant principals name is Mr.Lossfild. Our recces times is 5 through 15 minutes. Also we have our own panda pledge. Also we have a 3rd grade teacher that teaches football at this school named West High.

1/11/2012 04:03:14 am

Our school at Crescent Park is awsome! Our school is made out of bricks. The bricks are red. Their are 3 tether balls. Our office is on the 3rd floor, also are princpals are mrs. Gillbert the assintant mr. L.

1/11/2012 04:16:57 am

Our school has 3 story .Our playground is 2 acres it`s very long.Their are 2 kindergarten classroom, 2 1th grade classroom, 2 2th grade classroom,2 3th grade classroom, 1 4th grade and the other classroom have 4/5 grade and 1 5th grade classroom and there are more too. Our animal it a giant panda it`s so cute! I like my school

1/11/2012 04:28:51 am

Our schools is made out bricks. Our bricks is red. We have 14 classes. We have recess and also we have ESL. We have playground. We do Panda Pledge and also the Pledge of Allegiance.

1/12/2012 03:42:32 am

Our school is Cresent Park Elemantary. Our school is 4 stories tall, with 14 teachers in our school. Our mascot is a the Giant Panda. I think we chose the Giant Panda because they are getting more endangered. Our playground is 2 acres wide.We have 3 tetherball poles, monkey bars, and 2 kickball fields.

1/12/2012 03:43:55 am

Our school is Crescent Park Elementary. Our school is made out of red bricks and we cant have air-conditioning on the top floor (where 4th graders are) There are 14 classes and 4 floors. We have a lunchroom that we use for p.e.. Our playground is 2 acres with a kickball field,3 equiptment towers, and basketball hoops.

1/12/2012 03:55:24 am

These are some things about our school. Number one is our school is made bricks. Number two we have lots of subjects. Number three we have game time on Monday. Number four our teatcher reads to us. Number five we also have conputer time.

1/13/2012 03:36:31 am

Crescent Park School is awesome. It`s not as big as everybody says it is but kind of big. I like it because it`s really fun.

1/13/2012 03:52:23 am

Here are some things about our school. Our school has lots of rules. We earn Panda Paws for being good in class or around the school. We have 3 recesses one in the morning one at lunch and the last one is right befor we get out of school.On Mondays we get out ealy and the rest of the week we get out at 3:30. I like this school it's fun. We also have a playground there are many thing's we can do out there and we have kick ball I some time's play that and there is tether ball I play that alot. The techer's we have here are nice so are the subs. That's why I like school here.

1/13/2012 03:58:16 am

Cresent Park School is beast.I love coming to this school.The teacher are great.They let us play lots of games.the games are fun. Most games you use poker cards.Playing card are very fun but thats not all we do for games. we also have a game day.We get to play games like (Battleship,Guess who?,and Checkers).We love playing those games. Those are my favorite games to play.I also have fun playing with my friends.I have lots of friends that make Cresent Park school cool.

1/13/2012 04:22:06 am

Our school's name is Crescent Park Elementary. It has 3 stories and the basement. It has 14 classroom's for teaching. It is made of brick's and is red. There used to be a 5 grade teacher but moved to another school. Are playground is in summer and spring P.E.

1/13/2012 04:24:33 am

Our school Cresent Parks mascott is pandas and I like it because pandas ae big and brave.Also Cresent Pak has a playground, basket ball hoops , and tetherball polls I love Cresent Park school.

1/13/2012 05:22:48 am

Our Cresent Park School is made out of red bricks outside.The school building has 4 floors.We have 2 1st grade teachers.Our school has a teacher that teaches to half of the 4rth graders and half of the 5fth graders.

Emma B
1/13/2012 05:26:32 am

Our school Cresent Park is two stories tall has 12 class rooms about 275 childeren an a huge play ground. Our school loves to celebrate the holidays and birthdays.

1/13/2012 05:27:37 am

my school from the outside is red and made out of bricks.There are 6 grades to do. Incuding kindergarten.We have lots of things to do outside.Like kickball and hang on the monkey bars too.There are alot of doors to go in or out.One door can be locked most of the time and it is also near by the office.There are at least two teachers in each class. One is a teacher and the and the other person can sign for kids to understand.

1/13/2012 05:28:42 am

Our school Crescent Park is really fun!It is made out of bricks .Crescent Park is 2 stories tall.It also has lots of great teachers and friends.Crescent Park also has a great big playground.Our school loves to celabrate the hoildays!Crescent Park is great!

1/17/2012 12:30:32 pm

Our school is a great school to go to because we have nice teachers a big play ground and others like p.e my most 3 favorite subjects are p.e writing and math groups . I love this school also because the mascot is a panda bear and they are so cute I love pandas and guess what we say a panda pledge each day and we also have game day too I love this school


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