Write about our visit from Douglas Wood.
5/1/2012 03:53:19 am

Douglas Wood played his guitar when he came out of the door. Mrs. Gilbert told us some facts about him. We sing "The Earth is a Spaceship", it was fun! He told us some stories too. There is a book that is coming out some day, Douglas writes a lot of books he showed us some of the books. He also answer some questions that are asked by kids. When we almost leave to our classroom He sing a little bit of The Earth is a Spaceship. He was also funny too. It was fun when he came that day.

5/1/2012 04:06:58 am

When Douglas Woods came to our school he sang songs and told stories about a windigo it was cool. H also told us about his books and he also sang the Earth is a Spaceship I love it I hope he comes next year too.

hunter shuck
5/1/2012 04:11:14 am

douglas wood came to my school yesterday. He told my school a story. We sang a with him called; The earth is a spaceship. He likes music, books,, and guitars.

5/1/2012 04:15:15 am

When Doubglas Wood came to our school he told us a storie of a Windigo and he sang a song that is called Earth is a Spaship.And he told us that when we grow up we will be good at reading book's like him.

5/1/2012 04:25:27 am

I went to visit Douglas Wood at Crescent Park School and he said that he is an author and a singer. Douglas Wood is 59 years old. Told a story to us. Yesterday Douglas Wood had some CD and some books.

5/2/2012 03:31:55 am

When Douglas Wood was at our school he did a speech for us.He sang Earth is a spaceship to us and we sang a bit of it too.He told us a story of the windigo that became mosquitos.Douglas wood lives in Minnesota.He is a famous author around The United States.He is an auhor, composer, wilderness guide, singer, and speech writer.

5/2/2012 03:50:07 am

I am going to tell yoyu about Douglas Wood, he is a author. He wrote this book called Old Turtle. There is a another book called Old Turtle and the Broken Truth. One of his teacher is named Miss Little and Douglas wrote a book called Miss Little's Gift. He's favorite animal is chickadee's. Douglas Wood wrote a another book called Chickadee's message. He likes to eat stawberrys. He's sings alot . On Monday April 30 Douglas Wood came to our School. I got a aotourgraph he wrote it on a book mark.

5/3/2012 03:30:43 am

When it was April 30 an author named Douglas Wood came to Crescent Park Elementary School.Doug is a famous authorLet me tell you some things about him.He lives in a log cabin on minnesota.He likes strawberries and motorcycles.His favorite animal is a bird named chickadee.Doug's first book is Old Turtle.On April 30 he was funny.He read a story called The Windigo's Return.Doug told us somethings about himself.We sang a song together.Finally he answered some questions that the students asked him.

5/3/2012 03:42:44 am

I am going to tell you about Douglas Wood. Douglas Wood writes many books his first book was Old Turtle. He likes strawberrys and motorcycles. He also had adhd that he can't read. His teacher Mrs.Little tought him to read after school so he had to stay after school. He also came to our school and sang " The Earth Is A Spaceship". He even wrote different books like Old Turtle And The Broken Truth and Miss Littles Gift. He is also a composer, wilderness guide, and a singer. Our whole school got a autograph thats a bookmark. He even told us about is books and he told us this story called Windigo that it can turn in to any thing. He also has a website called www.DouglasWood.com hope you go onto his website and read his books.

5/3/2012 03:43:41 am

When The athour Douglas Woods came to our school he sang a song for us The Earth is a Spaceship it was really good he did say that he loved nature too and he said some of his songs were about nature. Also he is a reallly good gutarist he was also funny too. He also told us a story about the windigo it was creepy. Now let me tell you some facts a bout him he has his own wesite go to www.Douglaswoods.com. Also he had adhd when he was little he could not read but now he is a famous teacher all to Mrs.Little his teacher. So when he wrote his first book Old turttle he send a copy to her . Also he has a new book coming out When a dad says I Love You and I think pepole should read more books of Douglas Woods

Emma B
5/3/2012 03:49:49 am

Are visit from Douglas Wood was awsome he sang, read a book, and showed us a book before it's a book. He was pretty awsome.

5/3/2012 03:51:24 am

Douglas Wood came to our school Monday. He is an Author, Composer and a Wilderness Guide. He lives in a log cabin on an island out in Missouri. He wrote Old Turtle and lots of other books. The books are really nice, you should read some sometime.

Emma W
5/3/2012 03:53:19 am

Douglas Wood came to our school. He lives in Minasota in a log cabin. He told us a story about a windigo. He sang a song about The Earth Is A Space Ship. One of his first books are Old Turtle. He said Old Turtle may become a movie some day. He also has a lot of books. He is a athor,singer and a wilderness gide.

5/3/2012 03:57:16 am

Douglas Wood came to our school on March 30,2012. He lives in Minnesota in a cabin. He sang a song called The Earth is a Spaceship. He has writen about 30 books, he started to write books when he was about 35 years old. Douglas Wood is 59 years old. The first book he wrote was Old Turtle. He told us a story about an animal that can turn into anything it wants to turn into, that animal lives in Minnesota, he turn that story into a book. He did an autograph in a bookmark.

5/3/2012 04:06:32 am

I am going to tell you about Douglas Wood.Douglas Wood's favorite bird is a Chickadee.Douglas Wood is a good guitarist.He can also sing when he plays his guitar.He likes eating strawberrys like me.He wrote his autograph on a piece of papper and printed it for us to have a book mark.His first book was Old Turtle.he made another book of Old Turle.It was called Old Turtle and the Broken Truth.He also wrote a story about a teacher named miss little.He wrote the story beacause she helped him learn how to read.

5/3/2012 04:08:45 am

Hi I'm going to tell you about our visiter Douglas Wood who came to our school in person. First he introduced himself and told us about how he became a auther and singer. Then he told us about when he was a kid and how he ADHD, and that it was hard for him to read or write. But then his teacher taught him how to and she would keep him after school to learn too. It was hard for him. Then he told us how many books he wrote and that he wrote books for kids and adults too. He also told us a story about the Windago there really masquuitoes though. And then he sang us a song and we got to sing with him too that was fun. So thats our visitor Douglas Wood and what he did here.

5/3/2012 04:16:33 am

Douglas Wood came to our school last Monday.He tolled us a story called the Windigo and then he sang us some songs.His first book was Old Turtle and the broken truth. He has a new book coming out, and it's coming out next year.He gave us a autograph and its now a book mark the whole school got the Douglas Wood book mark.Douglas had ADHD so that ment he could not pay attention that well,no other teachers could teach him so they sent him to a teacher named Mrs.Little. Mrs.Little tought Douglas how to read.Douglas Wood has an Island in Minasota he has a wood log house in Minasota on his Island.It was fun when Douglas Wood came.

5/3/2012 04:22:55 am

Douglas Wood has ADHD.He is an auther.His first book was Old Turtle.The book Old Turtle might become amovie some day.He likes strawberries.One of his hobbys is to ride his motorcycel.His faveorite type of bird is a chickadee.Douglas wood writes about his life.He wrote about his teacher Mrs.Little.Douglas Wood has wrote alot of books.He has a new book coming out in a year.Douglas Wood vieted our school on Monday April 30.He read a book called the Windago.He reads with a lot of expresion.I like to read his books.

5/7/2012 11:58:24 am

Our vist by Douglas Woods was fun he sang a song and told us a story about the windigo it was fun having him come


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