What did you do over spring break?
4/10/2012 03:58:12 am

Hi I'm Allegra and I'm going to tell you what i did over spring break. First I went over to my cousins house and played with her. It was fun she has a swing set.
I also went to my other cousins house and we wathched t.v. and played the Wii it was fun.We also went to the park, and we played basketball there.
Then my nephew came over and we played our PS3. Also we played basketball out in the back that was fun. My sister got my nephew baptized at the church too.
Then I went to my cousins house and we dyed eggs also with my nephew, my Sister, my sisters boyfriend and me. It was so fun i made 8 but it took a long time.
Then the next day on sunday which is Easter, I got dressed up in a pretty pink dress witha bunch of sparkles and a big bow that I got from New York. Then we went to church and we had normal church and then we went down stairs to eat, and it was good yumm.
then at the church we had a Easter egg hunt and it was hard there was alot of eggs but I got alot but dont like candy.
So that was wut I did over Spring break.

4/10/2012 04:08:13 am

Over spring my family and i went to church . also when we got back my family had a barbecue and played bingo and poker .then the next day I went to the Sioux City libary. Then the rest of the day i read my libary books.

4/10/2012 04:43:09 am

I go to the store every Saturdays. I did not celebrated Easter but an that day my family had a feast it was yummy! My sister helped me make a stuffed teddy bear, when i am done my grandpa gave me a easter egg , it had chocolate inside. My sister let me play the computer for 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago i played batminton with my sister we did very well, almost every one was outside, my mom and dad was inside oh and also my uncle`s dog was inside too. It was fun on spring break. My cousin and i played on his wii for 2 weeks too. Lasted Saturday my dad drove us toa park that is almost by Sears, i swing on the swing with out anyone pushing me, it was fun!

4/10/2012 05:13:20 am

Over spring brake i went to Denison that is were some of my ants and uncles live. When we got there we went to there store there store name is La Estreyta. I went down stairs were my cuosins were playing. Then we played soccer i was Mexico and my cousin was America those are the most famus soccer teems.
The next day at night we did a fire and ate some yumy smorfs.
The next day we woke up erly and got ready to go to church. At church this man was giving some palmes. After church we went to a resturant that was realy small. Then my dad said we were going home. It took a wile to get home so went to sleep. When we got home we got again on the car and went to visit my nani. When we got there me and sis went to the park with my litte brother. Then we went back and my dad said we had to go home. When we got home i went out side and layed on the ground. I fell asleep will dad left to the store and brout a thing that i dont know how to say it pased a wile tile i took a shour then we had a party. I did other stuff but i dont remember. That is what i did over spring brake!!!!!

4/11/2012 03:27:42 am

I went to my Grandma's house in spring break. In spring break I went Easter hunting with my sisters. It was fun! It was a great weekend!

4/11/2012 03:50:11 am

I did over spring break is my friend came over and stayed the night. Then in the morning she went home. So we went at the Mall and looked around for a little while. Next day went to Walmart to buy food and then went home. Also when we got there I watched tv. Next day watched tv again and played on ipod I I didnt do any thing that day. Next day I had dance that day at 6:00pm. After that got back from dance and went to my house. Then stayed up for a while. Next day it was Easter I went to my Uncle's house and got there at 1:00pm then had lunch. After that played with cousin's and we played bubble's. Then had the Easter egg hunt.

4/11/2012 04:16:07 am

Over spring brake I went to the mall and bought some clothes. Then we went to chucky cheeses and play for a long time to get alot of tickets and get stuff with the tickets we get.The next day we went a an easter egg hunt at Grandview Park.Then we went to a party of one of my friends and we played games and watched a movie. Then we also got to go and vist my Aunt at omaha and now she is living with us for a while. Then I went to the park and played soccer with my dad. After that I went with my dad and got a new car. When we got home I helped him fix somethings for the car to be ok. That is what I did over spring brake.

4/11/2012 04:32:17 am

Over in spring break I went to the Park at Riverside Park. I went to my Uncle Hector's house to spend the night. On Sunday I visit at my Uncle Hector. On Friday I went to the mall with my mom. On Monday I went to the restaurant called T.G.I.Fridays in MN.

Hunter Shuck
4/12/2012 03:37:12 am

On my spring brake I went to my gramas house and played the wii with my brother. Then we went to my house and did a easteer egg hunt. For Easter.

4/12/2012 03:48:45 am

Over spring break I celabrated Easter.I went shoping I also went to my friend Emmas birthday.The party was really fun we went bowling.Over spring break I also went fishing I did not catch any fish but I found a frog and brought it home.My frog did not last long it died because of my brother.Over spring break I had lots of fun!

Emma B
4/12/2012 03:56:48 am

Over spring brake i went to Emma V.H.'s birhday party. On easter i got tadpoles and they are really getting big. I also went to my gandmas fo easter and hung out with my aunt and uncle. Thats what i did over spring brake.

4/12/2012 03:59:58 am

What I did over spring break.One of the thing's I did over spring break is that I got to go to my Ant's houes.Onother thing that i did over spring break is that I got to spend more time with my family and my frined Allison.She was my best frined senes we where in 2grade.

4/12/2012 04:03:13 am

Over spring break my family went to the libary and had a barbecue it was fantastic.We also plyed boingo and I won alot Iwish we still have spring break.

4/12/2012 04:07:46 am

These are some things I did over spring break. I went to my grandmas and so did my sisters. I went to my anuts for easter and we had turky. I went to Dairy Qeen with my grandma with my sisters.

4/12/2012 04:15:26 am

For spring break I read and sometimes got ice cream. I mostly played with my brother and sister. I also founded o that mom was going to have anther baby. In Easter like at 7:00 pm my cousin started to play hide eggs with nothing in them.

4/12/2012 04:21:02 am

These are some of the things I did over Spring break.First I went to my Grandma's house and visit my cousins.Then I had My friend Jacob come over to my house and we played some video games.Then My friend from Virginia came back and I had a party.Then I went bowling with my little brother and my dad.

4/13/2012 03:34:36 am

On Easter morning I colored Easter eggs with food coloring. After that, my Dad had our easter baskets, so we found those. Finnaly , my Dad and siblings went to my grandpas and they hid eggs. I found 28 eggs in all!

4/13/2012 03:53:08 am

This is what I did over spring brake.I played outside with my brother for a few days till it was Easter night. We went to bed kind of early.After that My Brother and I woke up and saw our Easter things. We played and messed with our things that we got from Eatser. Then the day was over and had to go to bed for school.

4/13/2012 04:00:40 am

For spring brake i played lots and lots or video games. I coulden't wait tell easter. On Easter i got fishing stuff and candy. i also road my bike.


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