What are your 3 favorite things that are red?  Why?
2/6/2012 03:59:20 am

On day red i wore red. I drank red joicy joice. I had a shirt that had red shinig apples. I wore a skirt that smelled like red straw berries. I ate red things like red joice , straw berries , red gum , and a red apple. That is what i did on red day i guess it will be brown day tomorrow!

2/6/2012 04:02:20 am

My favorite red t-shirt with butterflys on it because my mom gave it to me when i was 8 years old, i still have it today even.The food i like that is red is strawberry icecream because first my uncle gave my that ice-cream at first i don`t like icecream at the end i love them. The last thing i like is my favorite pillow because i was little when i got it and every night i alway sleep with it so that way.

2/7/2012 04:16:11 am

My 3 favorite red things are apples flowers and February now here are some things I like about February.It is because it is Valentines day and we celebrate and have candy.Reason number 2 is apples are sweet and tasty also a good and healthy snack.Reason number 3 is flowers smell good and look pretty mostly in the summer these are all the things I like

2/7/2012 04:28:10 am

The three red things that is my favorite is a DS, DS eye, and computor. Because if you have a DS you can draw pictures and write to people, and you can play fun games on it. And the DS eye because you can take pictures, and play fun games, draw pictures, and write to people, and record, you can also take a picture then do stuff with the picture. And the computor you can play games, buy stuff, and write something then print it.

2/8/2012 03:25:24 am

The three favorite red things that I like are the controllers for game sytems that are red because they work better than regular controllers. The 2nd is Crescent Park beacuse it is and awesome school. The last thing that i like that is red is drawings that have red in them because red makes the drawing look better

2/8/2012 03:27:09 am

One of my favorite red thing is,a red ribbon. I like it because it is very beautiful to look at. My second favorite red thing is a, red heart. It is a beautiful to see it. Hearts are my second favorie thing because it's a symbol of care and love. My last favorite red thing is the red stripes in the american flag. I like them because the are striped. I love all the red things i listed here!

2/8/2012 03:29:30 am

Here are my three favorite red things. One is a apple i like all kinds of apples but the one i like the most is the red one, there tasty. Also i like Hot Cheetos but there red and i like them because they got a good taste to them, to me i love them. I also like hearts that are red because to me a red heart is looks so pretty but i like pink hearts too, because those are pretty ass well. So those are some of my three favorite red things, but i have so many more. good bye

2/8/2012 03:55:52 am

My favorite things of red is apple because there tasty. Another thing is an marker that is red because its bright. Next is a Panda folder cause it has a panda on it and I like pandas. Next I have a shirt that has Hannah Motana all over it I like that shirt because it has hearts all over it too. I always watch that Hannah Motana show. Then at my house I have a bag that is red and I like it because it has snowflakes on it. Also I like when it snows. I like a heart because you can color it different colors. This poster that is red and it says Have you used your brain tooday? I like it because it has a picture of Gardfeild.

2/8/2012 04:08:48 am

My three fravorite red things are red jackets,red paint,and red shirts.

2/8/2012 04:20:54 am

The thing I like that is red is a Cardinal. It is a lovely bird.When it is Valentine's Day almost everthing is red in the living room.I like it like that.Like when it is red for Valentine's Day. In fall the trees turn different colors and one of them is red.A rose is red and i like to draw them and pick them in the spring

2/9/2012 04:11:54 am

One of my favorite things that are red is lazers.Lazers are great at scaning or alarming your house when a robber comes.Another is flame.Flames are like things that coud go through almost anything.My last one is a red dragon.A red dragon could breath fire out of it's mouth.Knights are really scared of dragons, they even run away.

2/9/2012 04:16:14 am

I like roses,Valentine and Chirstmas and here are some reasons why.The first is roses because the smell good and look pretty.Next is Valentines I like it beacause we get candy and be with our family.Now the best is Chirstmas I like it because that is when gods birthday thats whyI like it.

2/9/2012 04:21:26 am

One of my favorite red things is a red car.

2/9/2012 04:23:14 am

The first thing I like about red is apples. The secend thing about red is harts. The third thing about red is paper. The forth thing about red is markers. The fith thing about red is name tags.

2/9/2012 04:26:40 am

Why did I choose a red heart and a red shirt. I chose red because I like the red like a red Cardinal and a red soccer ball. Why did I choose red because red is the best color and red is a strong color.

2/9/2012 04:28:29 am

My most favorite red stuff is Rose's, because they smell good and are pretty. My other favorite red stuff is a Cardinal because it's a bird and I love bird's. The last favorite red thing is everything else red.

Hunter Sharp
2/10/2012 03:35:57 am

My favorite red things are game cases beacause I love video games.My second favorite things is the color red beacause thats one of my schools colors.My third favorite things is my red car its a corvet I cant wait tell im 16.

2/10/2012 03:43:37 am

I like alot of things that are red but I dont have alot of favorites. One of my favorite red things is a red heart-shaped box that my grandma gave to me with things in it and then I'd give it back to her on special occations. Another one of my favorite red things are arts and crafts or hearts because they're really fun to do. My last favorite thing is (since we could only put 3 things)my DSI because its fun to play my games on there and i can preserve my memories by taking photos and also plainly the fact that I like video games.

2/10/2012 03:50:15 am

My favorite red things are.A pretty red rose because they smell good.Another of my favorite red thing is making a red valentines box and Valentines Day.My most favorite red thing is an red pretty ribbin.That's my 3 favorite red things!

2/10/2012 04:23:54 am

Here are my favorite things that are red. Red apples is one of my favorite red thing because it taste so good. My other favorite red thing is punch because sometimes it taste like strawberry or cherry. Another of my favorite red thing is a red laser because you can point at people and its also can be used as a flashlight. My other one is flame because you can use flame in a camp fire plus you can use flame to roast marsmellows. Another is hot cheetos because their hot and crunchy.

2/15/2012 03:40:05 am

I like three things about red. I Iike red shirts, I Iike red cars, I like red apples.


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