What types of plants and animals are found in Iowa?
4/24/2012 04:09:28 am

The things you can see in Iowa is birds,and flowers you can see alot of stuff in Iowa and weathers are really great.

Hunter Shuck
4/24/2012 04:13:45 am

Some flowers in Iowa smells good. I have four dogs at my house and a cat at my grandmas house. Wolf,huskie,pussy cat,and retrever. They are cute. There names are Pepsi, Dasy, Hidey, and Hasle.

4/24/2012 11:48:58 am

Some plants of Iwoa are corn.and soybeans. They are the most grown here in Iwoa. We have lots of other plants too. Some animal in Iwoa is deer. We have pet animals too.

4/26/2012 03:56:15 am

Here are some facts about animals and plants that are in Iowa Pine trees keep their needles for years. A prairie dog is a rodent that belongs to the squirrel family. Some prairie grasses have deep roots. There are many kind of different flowers like daffodils and tuilps.

4/26/2012 03:58:43 am

Hi I'm Allegra and I'm going to tell you about the plants and animals in Iowa. In the summer theres lots of pretty flowers like roses and daisys. The animals in the summer are squirrels and rabbits and birds are flying around. In the winter theres like no animals but maybe some deer because I've seen some before outside in the winter. In the spring theres birds outside somtimes and turkey and also some deer. In the fall theres theres some flowers but as mush in the summer. the animals in the fall are birds and rabbits to some times. So those are some of the plants and animals here in Iowa in all of the seasons.

4/26/2012 04:03:44 am

Some types of plants and animals found here in Iowa are prairie dogs.The prairie dog, found in the midwest, is not really a dog it is a rodent.Midwestern farmers have turned grasslands into farms.Thats are some types of plants and animals found here in Iowa.

4/26/2012 04:07:24 am

In the beginning of the year I sawed a dear when I had my Sioux City history trip.Ieven sawed lions in the trip.Usally when it's spring I see dandelions around my house.

4/26/2012 04:13:20 am

The animals and plants you can see in Iowa are sometimes cute and pretty. There are alot of trees around here. At night you can see deer running around or jumping, sometimes I see them in the morning in the my neighbors yard playing around.

Emma W
4/26/2012 04:16:34 am

There are a lot of trees found in Iowa. There are Lielock trees and just plain green trees. These are some animals found in Iowa. There are squerls in Iowa. There are differint kindes of dog breeds. There are differint kindes of birds in Iowa.

4/26/2012 04:21:11 am

I saw roses growing at my grandma`s house. The animals i saw are rabbits, squirrels, and birds. I also saw some insect they are butterfly, bees, and grasshopper. I also saw dandelions, purple flowers, and some blossom on my grandma`s tree.

4/26/2012 04:26:05 am

I have seen deer in my yard and in the contryside. Sometimes at night I see racoons in my neighbors yard. I see squirrels climbing in the trees. My grandma feeds the baby squirrels. Sometimes I see rabbits eating the flowers in my yard. I see plants at my Aunt's house, they are roses, sunflowers and pink tulips. In my yard I see grass and trees. My Grandpa has a garden and he grows flowers. Sometimes I see fields of corn and soybeans when I am riding in the car.

4/27/2012 03:27:10 am

There are Roses and Tulips. There are Squirrels, Cats, Dogs, Mice, Rats, and of course, Birds. There are Dandilions, Trees, Grass, and weeds.

Hunter Sharp
4/27/2012 03:39:53 am

Here are some plants and animals we find here.We find lots of racoons and deer.There also lots of pheasant.There alot of cows, pigs,chickens in iowa beacause we farm aolt.

4/27/2012 03:42:49 am

Their are deer in Iowa their are also moles. The flowers that we have is roses.


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