These are some things we like about snow...
12/7/2011 03:34:46 am

I love snow because its really white and nice and you can do lots of fun stuff with it:you can build a igloo, I even have special brick makers for an igloo, and you can do lots of things in an igloo! And you can roll a ball of snow around to make a snowman. It snowed last weekend and ive already started an igloo and a snowman. You can even do like a mini roller-coaster with a sled, a hill and snow. You can have snowball fights with your friends and a wall of snow and rounded balls of snow and then after your days over no more sledding or igloos or snowball fights just at home you can drink hot chocolate.
Just because snow is cold doesnt mean its not fun.

12/7/2011 03:37:03 am

I think snow is great becuase you can make a snowman.You can also make snow angels by laying on the gound and waving your arms up and down.I also think it is great because you can sled and snowboard down the snow if you go down a big hill of snow.Another way is it is really cold and you have to come on inside to warm up when you are in there you can drink some thing warm like hot coco.That is why I think snow is great and I think it is really cool.

12/7/2011 03:39:07 am

These are some reasons i like snow.Snow is fun because you can go down a hill and sled.You can have a snowball fight its when you make balls and throw it at the other person.Another reason is that if theirs a blizard we dont have school.If theirs alot of snow you can make a cave and you can make a igloo.You can also make a snowman and you can put a carrot for the nose and rasins for the mouth and for the eyes.If you want to you could make a snow angle,also if your board you can burie someone.You can also make a HUGE snow ball and you can stand on it or you can roll down a hill and you can throw it.Thats the things that you can do in the snow

12/7/2011 03:49:08 am

Snow is great because you get to go sleding but it will be really cold.And also make snowangles.First you make snowballs then if you want to make like some thing so you dont get hit like a small wall so you duck under your wall.Then when you got all of the snowballs made start thoughing them.Make has many snowballs has you want to.Its a four player game.Next you can make a snowman.First you make abig ball for the bottom, for the midell well you make that ones going to be medim,thelast one you make the smallest for the top.And for all of those make sure you wear mittens,gloves,hats and also a heavy coat.

12/7/2011 04:30:18 am

This is why snow is good: you get to make snowball fights with friends. Another reason is you can make snow-angels with friends. Making snowmans is my favorite thing to do in the snow. Snowmans are really fun to make,because you find stuff and roll snow into a big snowball in the snow. I love the snow very much!

Lisa Aguilar
12/7/2011 06:59:09 am

WOW!I love the snow too. I like to see Allison and Ralphy go out side and throw snow balls and make snowmen. Then they come inside for a big hug and a cup of hot chocolate

12/8/2011 03:37:48 am

I love snow because it is fun. Books in winter are warm and caring. I know snow is cold but the fun kicks in when you go inside and drink a cup of hot chocolate. It's fun to play in snow, great snow. Snow is great whatever it does,it's fun to play with friends in the snow. I think of friends, friends that are there for fun to be caring all in Christmas Eve. The fun is when you make a snowman and play snowball fights. Snow is beautiful to see when it's Christmas Eve. It's a caring holiday in Christmas Eve. Hope you all have a beautiful day.

12/8/2011 03:39:07 am

I love snow it's so fun. Snow is great because you can do so many things. Like make a snow angel or make a snowball,snowman. Sometimes you can just run in snow or just watch snow it's still really fun. And also when it's the first day when it snows it looks so beautiful with the light snow. I just really like when it's the first day of snow. Snow is the best it's so FUN.

12/8/2011 03:39:44 am

I love snow. It cold and whit. You can make snow mans iglus and snow angles. There is alot of snow that falls in winter. What is totaly fun is that you can play snow ball fights with your friends. on the snow man you can put a skarf and hude. You can put a carrot forthe nose , 2 stiks for the hands , and 2 black dots for the eyes. Snow ball fights you just grab snow and roll them up then you throw it at some one that you are playing with.

12/8/2011 03:50:51 am

I like snow because it is clear white. I also like it because you get to play in it. I also bild a snowman. My famliy thowgh snow balls. That is why snow is great.

12/8/2011 03:53:23 am

I like snow because we can make snowman. I can play snowball fight with my brothers. I can make a snow angel by laying down by moving with your arm up and down. I can ride on snow with my snowboard.

12/8/2011 04:06:02 am

I like snow becaues we can ski,sled,and you can also iceskate in the snow or make snowmans and have snowball fight with your friends and when your done you can have a cup of hot cocoa thats why i like having snow.

12/9/2011 03:28:37 am

Snow is fun because you can have snowball fights and build snowmans. Both of those things are fun. Some people build snowforts and snow angels.

12/9/2011 03:31:10 am

Snow is really great because you can have a snow ball fight.You can also make snow angels.You cold go sleding down hills.When you go outside the snow could be really deep.The last thing I will say is you can have a very happy christmas.

12/9/2011 03:31:22 am

Here are some reason why the snow is great.When you get outside and see snow make anything that is made out of snow.One thing you can make out of snow is a snowfort,it is a fort for protecting from geting hittened by a snowball.You could have fun and build anything to get ready for a snowball fight.You can make a snowcannon to launch snowballs in a snowball fight.

12/9/2011 03:35:58 am

Snow is relly fun to play in beacause you can have snow ball fights and do lots of other stuff.Like build snowmans and make snow angels.You can also go sleding and snowbording.There are plenty of hills to sled or snowbord down.

12/9/2011 04:00:17 am

I like snow because it is fun to play in and my brother and i like to play snow ball fight. When we also go in side my mom makes hot chocolate. It is so hot.Some times i go out and i make a miny snowman to. One year me and my brother made a small brige in my front of the yeard. Some times i like to go on top on a big huge snow pile. Winter is my favoirite season.This year on the day it snowed that was the day me my mom and my brother and also his friend put up are Cristmas tree. That was fun.That is why i like snow.

12/9/2011 04:36:56 am

I like snow because i can make a snowman,a snowballs,and a snow angle.
I also like snow because my mom makes hot chocolate and it`s really tasty! So that why i likes snow.

12/9/2011 05:15:31 am

I made grandvu park.My mom hellp me make it.My mom found dalls to glou and she found roks to decerat with we even found a small fontin to glou on.My mom found a dall firy and that is how i made grandvu park

12/9/2011 05:16:08 am

I like snow because it is fun to make snowballs,snowmans,and snowangles.It is also fun to have a snowball fight with your friends.Snow comes in winter.You can have so much fun in snow.

12/13/2011 03:26:41 am


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