Tell about some of your favorite books.
1/25/2012 03:35:47 am

My favorite book is Ida B. It is about a girl that is telling about her life. Her name is Ida B Appelwood. She lives out of the contry. She has a dog named Rufus, a cat named Lulu. Rufus Slobers alot. The book was writon by Katherine Hannigan. There is a bunch of problems in her life. there is a main problem her mom gets canser. i love this book.:)

1/25/2012 03:47:11 am

My favorite book is Idea B. because they are talking about country. I like country people sometimes. Hannah Montana Game of heart I like it because I watch it. It seems like I want be those girls. I like Black Beauty because it has horses in it. Horses are my favorite anlmans thats why. Also its about hurting horses it seems intersting book.

1/25/2012 03:52:57 am

Here are my favorite books. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days because its funny and its a chapter book. The characters are Rodrick,Greg,Manny,Grandpa,Dog,Dad,Mom.The book was writen by Jeff Kinney. My other favorite book is How to make paper airplanes its about making airplanes like helicopter, jet, there are no characters it just teaches you how to make airplanes.My third favorite book is how the grinch stole christmas it was written by Dr.Seus the characters are the Grinch,kids its about that the grinch stole christmas and he lives in a cave.This is my favorite fourth one how to do magic tricks it teaches you like 100 magic tricks one of them is that someone picks a crayon and you guess wich crayon they picked.There are no characters in this book either. My fifth favorite book is Mummys its describes mummys and where they live and there actuly not rapped in toilet paper but some of them live in coffins and the coffin is in another coffin and it keeps going on and the coffins are buried

1/25/2012 03:53:36 am

My favorite books are Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants but there's alot more because Mrs Cunningham reads alot of good chapter books and I get some from the book order and another good one is Dork Diaries, if your a girl. Captain Underpants is a silly cartoon-fiction book with 3D like thing where you have to flip pages to make it look animated but theres still a really funny plot. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is by Jeff Kinney and its about a kid with a best friend and the kid thinks his life is wierd and messed up pretty much. Dork Diaries is about a girl in a new school and the popular girl is a jerk to her.

1/25/2012 03:59:47 am

My favorite book is Diary of the Wimpy Kid a Cabin Fever. My second one is how can makes airplanes. My third one is how the Grinch stole the christmas. My fourth one is Black Beauty. My fifth one is Goosebumps. My sixth one is Big Nate Out the Roll. My seventh one is Diary of the Wimpy Kid a Dogs Days. My eighth one is 100 magics books. My nineth one is I Spy books. My tenth one is Knock Knock funny jokes.

1/25/2012 04:33:29 am

My favorite book is Ida B because I think that Ida B is a really good.Ida B is a girl she has a dog and a cat.Her dad has to sell the land because her mom got really sick with cancer.

1/25/2012 04:39:42 am

One of my favorite books is Hannha Montana. That one is called Crushtastic. The other one is Puppy Place. That title is Pugsly. That is a very good book.

1/25/2012 04:40:46 am

My favorite book is Dork Dairies. It is about a girl that does not have an easy live. She also has a crush on a boy who likes her, and another girl has a crush on him to.

1/26/2012 03:29:29 am

This is my favorite book,Black Beauty.It's my favorite book because it is a moody story.It's a great book to read when your alone! My 2nd favorite book is Peach fuzz 1.I love the pictures the author draws.It has a great conflict in it.That's why Peach fuzz 1 is my 2nd favorite book!

Emma Blanche
1/26/2012 03:30:09 am

this is all about my favorite book. Teacher's pet because it has many promblems in it between 2 kids because one of them was the teacher's pet till the new kid came. The promblems stop when they get a mean teacher that hates kids.

1/26/2012 03:35:57 am

These are two of my favorite books. One is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid I like that book because they can be funney and also it tells about a kid named Greg and how his life is. Theres alot of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books one is called cabin fever, Rodrick Rules, Dog Days. And alot more. I also like the book Chi's sweet home i like that book because theres so many cute drawings its about a cat and shes pretty much is lost but a kid finds her and his family takes care of her. She wants to go to her mom though but she ends up liking it there. Shes really funny too because she says stuff like love wove or play pway it's really cute too. So those are my two favorite books.

1/26/2012 04:04:11 am

My favorite book is candy apple it is about 2 sisters I love it it is a fiction book with no pictures also it is a chapter book I enjoyed it

1/27/2012 03:36:46 am

My favorite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Big Nate. I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid because there are alot of book and because they are funny. I like Big Nate because it is almost like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it has alot of pages but i can still read it quickly.

1/27/2012 03:39:44 am

One of my favorite books is Silly Jokes.Silly Jokes is a joke book with thousands of jokes.This book has funny pictures too.One more favorite book that I like is Big Nate.Big Nate has funny comics drawn by the main character Nate.It talks about how Nate has the worst day ever.Big Nate is a funny book.

1/27/2012 03:43:08 am

My favorite book is The Giving tree.The begining is happy but when you keep reading to the end it gets sad and I really like that book.The second book I like is the book called Scary Stories. When I get to read it I only do it in the day time cause they are scary.Once I tryed to read it at night but it was to scary for me.

Hunter Sharp
1/27/2012 03:43:29 am

My favorite book is diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever.That book is favorite part is when there dad has to stay at a hottel beacause there was a blizzard.he liked it but the kids dident.they had no food but the dad could of got them some.thay also had there door covered with snow thats why they couldent get food.

dude 123
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1/27/2012 03:49:52 am

My favorite book is Magic Tree House, Blizzard of the blue moon it is a good book it is a chapter book. My other favroite book is WARRIORS,In to the woods it is a comek book it is aboute tigerstar and sasha I injoyed thoes books.

1/27/2012 04:09:24 am

My favorite books are the magic tree house books because it`s like a movie in my head,it`s fun! The other book i like is some drawing books ,i like the manga ones, their Japanese drawings. I love it read books.

1/27/2012 04:09:39 am

My favorite books are The Old Wills Place because it is a gost story.It is about there is two main people in the story and there names are Diana and her brother Georgie they are the gost and they take things from the caretakers they take care of the old house and the caretakers daughter name is lissa. Diana and Georgie are the ones that take her things like her bear,diary, even her favorite book they were thinking about taking her bord games because they were sometimes bord and they had nothing to do.Sometimes when Diana was bord she would read a book to Georgie sometimes would get bord to and he would go look at the old wills house and see what it looked like from now.Wills wife died in the house and Diana and Georgie think that her gost is stiil there and anybody who went on her lawn would get too scard and runnway because there were snakes and they were her thats what Diana and Georgie think. That was my favorite book and im still reading it.

Emma B
1/27/2012 04:14:14 am

This is all about my favorite book. My favorite book is shilloh. Shilloh is about a dog who has a bad owner and the neibor kid keeps on finding the dog in his yard and the second time he does he does not return him because he knows that if he brings him back the guy would keep disrespecting him and not feeding him and kicking him so he keeps the dog in a pen up on the hill so no one can see him and he feeds and waters him every day half of his food keeping the dog a seceret and the only way to keep the dog a seceret from his sister is by saying snakes live on the hill

1/27/2012 04:14:48 am

My favorite books are the Rainbow Fairy books.It is about 2 friends and a fairy.They are all friends.They all hang togeather.


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