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Write 3-5 facts about Iowa.
12/13/2011 03:37:05

Iowa is name after a Native American. Iowa leads the nation in production of corn, soybeans, and hogs. In Iowa there is five times more hogs than people. Iowa is the only state that has both its eastern and western border formed by rivers.

12/13/2011 03:39:12

Iowa is named for the IowayNative american tribe. Iowa leads the nation in the production of corn

12/13/2011 04:37:21

The State has a song.The song name is The Song of Iowa.The Governor of Iowa name is Terry Branstad.The Capital of Iowa is Des Moines.The State bird is eastern goldfinch.In 2010 3,046,355 people lived in Iowa.The State has a flower it is a wild prairie rose.The State has a nickname the name of it is Hawkeye State.The World is a good place to live.

12/13/2011 07:23:21

Iowa has two nickname's one is " The Hawkeye State" and " Corn State ". We are named Iowa because the Ioway Native American tribe. Also are population is about 3,001,000. We are also the only state that is bordered by two river's, U.S.A. biggest river.

12/13/2011 08:36:03

Here are some facts about Iowa. Iowa is called the Tall Corn State. The state capital is Des. Moines. Our governer is Terry Branstand. Our population in 2010 was 3,046,355. Our state nickname is Hawkey state corn. So those are some facts about Iowa.

12/14/2011 03:37:37

Our city (sioux city) is named after the sioux indians that lived here. We have all 4 seasons (winter, summer, fall,spring). Des Moines is Iowas capital also home to adventureland (its awesome!!).Our nickname is the corn state or the hawkeye state.

12/14/2011 03:46:17

These are some facts abot Iowa. Blizzards blow through Iowa,dumping snow across the state and closing miles of highways.Floods and frost destroy the crops,and Iowa is declared a desaster area.Iowa farmers increase production subsantially to aid the American World War 1 effort.The capitial of Iowa is des moines.Our nickname of Iowa is the Hakeye State.The United States signs the final treaty for Native American land in Iowa.

12/14/2011 03:54:57

Here are some facts about Iowa.De Moines,is the state capital,is the largest city.Still Iowa is less urban than most of it's neighbor states.Iowa has more than 90,000 farms.Iowa is famos for rolling hills and some of the richest and deepest topsoil in the United states.

12/15/2011 03:29:34

Here are some facts about Iwoa.In Iowa there are about five times more hogs than people.Since Iowa is known for farming and agriculture, you might think that most of the state’s population lives in rural areas. It used to be that way, but as machines were developed to do much of the work on farms, many farmers moved to cities to find better jobs. Now about 60 percent of people live in cities. Still, Iowa is less urban than most of its neighbor states, and Iowa’s cities are relatively small. Des Moines, the state capital, is the largest city.Iowa is famous for rolling hills and some of the richest and deepest topsoil in the United States. Iowa contains a quarter of the world’s top farmland. Millions of years ago, the region was covered by warm seas. During the ice age, glaciers pushed down from the north, flattening the landscape and grinding up rock and gravel. As the climate warmed, lakes formed from the melted ice. These lakes later drained away, and the empty lakebeds are now the gentle hills covering almost all of Iowa today. Evergreen forests gave way to grasslands that built up the deep, black topsoil for which the state is famous. However, the landscape is different in the northeast. There, Iowa’s rivers flow into the wide Mississippi River. The rivers wear away the riverbanks as they move closer to the Mississippi, creating bluffs between 300 and 400 feet (90–120 m) high. Iowa is the 26th largest state in the United States, with an area of 56,276 square miles (145,754 sq km).

12/15/2011 04:09:46

Iowa capital is the Des Moines. Iowa nickname is Iowa Hawkeye. Iowa leads the nation in the production of corn, soybeans, and hog. In Iowa there are about five times more hogs than people.

12/15/2011 04:32:53

Iowa is named for the Ioway American tribe.Iowa leads the nation in the production of corn,soybeans,and hogs.In Iowa there are about five times more hogs than people.The capital of Iowa is Des Moines.

12/16/2011 03:33:55

Did you know that the state Iowa's nickname is the Hawk Eye State or Corn State?Our number of population is 3,046,355.At first Iowa had the same amount of population Airizona.Also 500,000,000 million years ago Iowa has glaciers that are big icebergs.

12/16/2011 03:43:04

did you know we have two nick names for are state? you dient here they are hawkeye state and corn state.one raeson why we are corn state is beacause corn plants good and they call it hawkeye state is beacause is a collage in are state (iowa hawkeyes).did you know terry bandstad is are governer. if you dident you know now.

12/16/2011 04:00:41

Iowa's nick name is Hakeye State.I it is pretty cold here. Our population is with3,046,355 people. Didyou Know that sometimes they call the United States also Tall Corn State.They call us that because corn grows here very good.

12/16/2011 04:19:28

Iowas capital is De Moines and did you know Iowas state nickname is Hawkeye stae or the corn state because we have lots of corn feilds.Also another fact about Iowas state bird is the Eastern goldfinch.

12/16/2011 04:21:53

The capital is Des Moines. The governor is Terry Branstad. Our state bird is eastern goldfinch. Iowa's state flower is wild prairie rose. Our state song is “The Song of Iowa”.

12/16/2011 04:29:00

These are some facts about Iowa.Iowas capital is Des Moines.Are state nickname is Hawkeye State or the corn state.Our state bird is eastern goldfwild.Our state flower is wild prairie flower.Our state song is “The Song of Iowa”

12/16/2011 04:34:48

These are some things about Iwoa. The state name is Hawkeye state Corn state.The state bird is estern goldfinch.

Hunter Shuck
12/16/2011 04:40:40

“The Song of Iowa”

our state nickname is“The Song of Iowa”
. And our population is,“The Song of Iowa” the state bird is,“The Song of Iowa”
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